Life Is Terminal, A Book In Progress

Life Is Terminal is the working title for my current project.

As a Registered Nurse, I have seen a lot of death.  Quite a few times, I’ve watched patients accept more and more medical treatment just because a family member or their doctor told them they should.  Sometimes the treatments were painful, made it hard to eat or sleep, or left the patient too tired to take care of his or herself.  It seemed like keeping the person alive was more important than giving them a life worth living!

Death is a natural part of life.  Sometimes I think we Americans have forgotten that.  We avoid talking about it and do everything we can to pretend we’re going to live forever.

Maybe we’re afraid of the unknown.  Maybe we believe science can save us.  Maybe we don’t believe in God anymore, or the promise of life after death.  I don’t know why we’re so afraid, but it really is time to start talking about something that’s going to happen to all of us some day.

My book tells stories.  Each chapter will start by telling about a real person.  I’ll change names and some of the details to protect privacy, but the stories themselves are real.  After the story, I’ll talk about what happened, what the family members had to think about and the decisions they had to make.  Then I’ll give the reader some ideas of how to be ready in case they ever need to make the same kinds of decisions themselves.

As I write the book, I will post the finished parts to this blog.  I encourage readers to check back often to see how the project is going and to give feedback on what I’ve done so far.  I’ll also try to answer questions on the message boards.

I hope you find this site interesting and helpful.  And when it’s published, I hope you’ll buy my book!

God bless.


One thought on “Life Is Terminal, A Book In Progress

  1. I need some feedback. I have a bit of writers block. Or not really block, so much as a lack of direction. I want to comment on each of the stories to help the reader consider how the story might apply to his or her own life, either in the present, or in the future. My first attempt was to preachy, too much like a lecture.

    I’m thinking I’d like to talk about my own feelings during the event and about the lesson I took from the story. Make it personal rather than a way of teaching.



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